For people who are able to work remotely for their jobs or work from home running small businesses, the struggle can be real. Distractions like kids, pets, the never ending Honey Do List or those well meaning friends and family who assume because you work at home you are always available are a daily occurrence and that time adds up. Since it takes an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to return to the task at hand after an interruption, that lost time can add up to a potentially large loss of revenue.

What are our options? The neighborhood coffee shop is fairly inexpensive and works well, but the open WiFi network is a nightmare and potential risk, you can't make a phone call with all of the noise and forget trying to use the restroom without having to pack up your bag, only to have to unpack it again a few minutes later. For many small businesses or remote workers, traditional office rent is too expensive or not an option.

Knowing this struggle first hand, we are excited to bring a new co-working option to the Woodbury area in our Parkwood Place building. The Office at Parkwood Place is not your traditional co-working space and we don't have all the bells and whistles of our bigger competitors.  What we do offer is a budget-friendly, quiet and safe work area with no long term contracts. A secure WiFi network, incoming phone extension that rings to your mobile phone and mail service is included in every month-to-month lease. Upgrades to leases are available to include full phone/fax/video conferencing capabilities and private offices. Whether you need somewhere to work 5 days a week or a few days a month, we have options that will fit your needs. We also have our own on-site Virtual Assistant and Business Strategist available should you need an extra hand.

Come take a look and see for yourself. Then when you say you are headed to "The Office" - you will mean it!


the office at parkwood place professional suites